i have a question that goes directly to the baccus crew.

is it possible to remove the command strips and add regular soldiers in my orders?

i do not create unit sizes that goes with gaming rules, i create much much bigger units, the romans for example, in 1 century i use 1 command strip and like 80-96 regular soldier strips, the rest of the command strips is a total waste, at the moment i have piles of roman, ACW and napoleonic command strips that i have no use for and it feels like i dont get what i pay for.

so is it possible, if i leave a notice that goes along with my orders, to remove the command strips in the packs that i want and add regular soldier strips instead, or is it a take it or leave it situation?

i will still continue to buy your figs either way, but i would really appriciate it if this can be done, or atleast a short period of time so i can thin down the nubers in my command strip piles.