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TOPIC: Players in Montreal, Canada
PM joshuapago
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Players in Montreal, Canada
26th Apr 2017 12:49:03

Hi all!


New to this community and I am looking for players in Montreal, Canada.  I am interested in pretty much all the historical periods.  I do prefer classical (romans and the like) and napoleonics, but I am eager to learn about any period you're interested in.




PM JacHobby
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Players in Montreal, Canada
27th Apr 2017 08:12:50

Hi Joshua,


In Laval we have a gaming club at JacHobby and play anything including historical. We are at a 5 min. walk from Concorde metro station and have more than enough parking space if you own a car.

I myself just started some Napoleonic British and already have a starter army fully painted and based. I only started a week ago ;) these models paint themselves. I have them based to play Black powder.

Anyhow, come by and visit if you get a chance.




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