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PM General Beltane
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1860 s British
General Beltane
13th Nov 2015 03:28:35

Has any body any thoughts on what to use for 1865 ish british infantry and cavalry in Canada 

I am considering using some of the prussian Jagers re the shortened shako plus a paint conversions of colonial infantry 

but unsure what to use for cavalry .

Any thoughts would be appreciated 

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PM pushing.tin
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1860 s British
13th Nov 2015 09:49:41

RSA15 for hussars and RSA14 for lancers from the Austro-Prussian war range ? or FPP10 Saxon Uhlans from the FPW range? or Napoleonic British Hussars?

accordng to this site http://www.cmhg.gc.ca/cmh/page-538-eng.asp

No British cavarly were stationed in Canada in 1865, although the 13th Hussars were from 1866-69

PM matt
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1860 s British
14th Feb 2016 12:47:59

Prussian Jagers would do as line. 

Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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1860 s British
20th Feb 2016 05:12:50

I would be more inclined to go for FPW Prussian cavalry at this stage, as the British army adopted the jacket with skirts for all troops in 1855, as the tailed tunic for infantry and dragoons and the short dolman for hussars was found to be no longer suitable on campaign on campaign in the Crimea.



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