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TOPIC: 1813 Swedish Troops
PM Whirlwind
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1813 Swedish Troops
14th Jan 2016 08:02:21

Are there any suitable proxies for 1813-era Swedes in the Baccus' range?

PM pushing.tin
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1813 Swedish Troops
15th Jan 2016 11:57:40

I'd use Austrian Landwehr for the infantry

Cavalry could be Spanish (bicornes for heavies, mirliton for lights), or Russian Cuirassiers

artillery is a little more problematic, as they had the same headgear as the infantry. Perhaps French or Austrian with bicorne is closest


PM Glenn Pearce
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1813 Swedish Troops
Glenn Pearce
15th Jan 2016 02:16:39

Hello Whirlwind!

Good suggestions from pushingtin. I painted some of those Austrian Landwehr as Spanish Militia, nice figures.

Knotel says that in 1813-14 the Russian style of shako was worn by the infantry. The Lifeguard horse, Lifeguard Dragoons, Schonisch Carabinier and most line dragoons were also in shakos. The shako for the dragoons looks very similar to the brunswickers with the hanging horse hair look. Anyway it looks like by 1813 most of the infantry, cavalry and probably artillery were in shakos which means you have a lot of options for proxies. When in doubt it sounds like using late Russian figures are your best bet for the figures. The Hussars seem to have maintained their mirlitons.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,


PM Whirlwind
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Posts: 141
1813 Swedish Troops
15th Jan 2016 05:19:04

Thanks pushingtin & Glenn, really helpful as always.

All the best


PM matt
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1813 Swedish Troops
14th Feb 2016 12:50:11

You can also use Spanish in round hats for line as it's unlikely they all wore shako. 

PM keithabarker
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1813 Swedish Troops
19th Feb 2016 05:33:13

During the campaign, most of the line infantry quickly moved from the old fashioned hat to the shako. Nearly all adopted the Russian style shako but at least one regiment seems to have adopted the French style shako. So Russian or French line infantry as proxies.

Foot Guard and Grenadier regiments wore the 'kusket', a black leather helmet like the hat in style but larger and with a 'chenille' horse hair crest diagonally for the guards and fore-and-aft for the grenadiers. Perhaps Spanish line infantry with hat plus green-stuff as proxies.

The artillery had the French style shako. So perhaps French Horse Artillery 1812-1815.

Hussars had the Mirleton so perhaps Spanish as proxies.

Life Guards had French style shako and jacket with lapels. They got new hussar style uniforms are the end of the campaign. British Light dragoons perhaps.

Cuirassiers wore a helmet but no cuirass on campaign. Russian Cuirassiers perhaps.

Dragoons and Carabiniers wore shakos, probably French stye. British Light dragoons again.



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