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PM recces68
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SYW Proxies
9th Oct 2017 06:10:26


looking at doing some of the smaler nations involved in syw and not sure what figures to use

saxony, sweden, hannover, brunswick, bavaria, portugal, sweden, spain are all on the list.

any help/advice is more than welcome. oh, only want to us baccus (of course).




PM NorthWestNerd
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SYW Proxies
10th Oct 2017 02:20:25

I found this website to be very useful: http://www.kronoskaf.com/syw/index.php?title=Main_Page

A lot of the germanic nations can just use Prussian uniforms or some use British just in different colourings.

Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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SYW Proxies
10th Oct 2017 06:35:36

You will notice from illustrations that with the infantry, by and large differ in the cut of the coat and the type of tricorn (ie flat Prussian or the usual more pronounced front corner). Cavalry types it tends to be headgear, eg there were two Swedish hussar regiments - one wore a Prussian style mirliton whilst the other wore an Austrian style busby.

PM Nick the Lemming
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SYW Proxies
Nick the Lemming
10th Oct 2017 06:55:43

We used some of the other early 18th C ranges too - the Swedes in the GNW range were fine for us for SYW stuff too.



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ANZAC cavalry

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