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TOPIC: Build a Unit feature for other periods
PM Glenn Pearce
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Build a Unit feature for other periods
Glenn Pearce
30th Jul 2015 03:23:39

I think the important thing is it sounds like you found a solution. I can almost sense the excitement as another Baccus project gets the green light. I still remember how much I enjoyed my AWI project (still have a few loose ends to paint). If yours is even half as much fun to paint and play you will be over the moon. Great news.

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Build a Unit feature for other periods
I am a spambot
1st Aug 2015 08:00:23

I ordered a British Army pack, Indians, Prussian Infantry for the German troops, Loyalists, and flags.  I also ordered some stuff to do camps/baggage elements with, because I was running low on these.  I will have to order the Americans another month.

At the moment, a message comes up saying there may be a bit of a wait before despatch. (I put in a previous order about a week before for some things to finish off my 1809 Austrians, and I don't think that these are on their way yet.)



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