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TOPIC: Markers for 6mm
PM NeilM
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Markers for 6mm
6th Mar 2015 01:19:19

I've recently started playing Dux Bellorum in 6mm, and I haven't quite settled on a good way of tracking "cohesion" (hit points for a unit). The game recommends dice, but as you can see below the size becomes a real issue.



Has anyone else tried something successful, or have any ideas for something more discreet? I have some 25mm mdf dials from Warbases that I'm going to try, in raw MDF they're huge and silly but if I put basing material on the top it might work.

PM oldblindjohn
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Markers for 6mm
6th Mar 2015 02:07:04

How about mini poker chips?

PM njt236
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Markers for 6mm
6th Mar 2015 02:54:14

I'm using 12mm dice and am quite happy with these at the moment.

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PM NeilM
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Markers for 6mm
6th Mar 2015 07:32:15

Do you have a photo of yours with dice by any chance, so I can see what I'm doing wrong?

PM 6mmwargaming
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Markers for 6mm
8th Mar 2015 06:57:40

Doesn't Baccus make a range of dark ages casualties? I was planning to use those for my 6mm BI/Dux project. You could put dfferent numbers on each counter for the different cohesion levels.



Email Extra Crispy PM Extra Crispy
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Markers for 6mm
Extra Crispy
9th Mar 2015 04:13:03

I had The Dial Dude make me small markers with 1-6 on one side, 1-12 on the back. The top is a magnet with a wedge cut out so you can folock the entire thing almost, and just "spin" to the number underneath you need. If you like you can add a leader or casualty to spiff it up. Sorry no picture...

Mark "Extra Crispy" Severin

PM Hannibal_of_Carthage
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Markers for 6mm
9th Mar 2015 04:21:45

I was recently thinking of how I could make markers and for some reason I was looking at a one of my pictures.

The dice are unsightly. I then noticed the pipe cleaner were very unobtrusive and thought why not mark it in alternating black and white sections and I could use different coloured pipe cleaners, also marked to show hits, to show different effects. example a broken unit would have a red pipecleaner with x number of black marks on it.


Hannibal's Wargaming Blog


PM Brasidas
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Markers for 6mm
10th Mar 2015 12:52:15

I play Hail Caesar so have similar status indicator issues.  I created little unit cards with each of their attack and defend values - they are fairly small, you can get a couple from cutting a 3x5 index card.  At the bottom are a few blank spaces and those are for status. There is one for cumulative casualties (color coded as green, yellow, orange, red based on how many hits), another for if they are disordered or shaken, and another for if they won or lost previous combat round.  Also have one to indicate if HI have closed ranks.  For hits during the curent round I use little red glass beads from the hobby store - the kind people pour a bunch of into a big glass vase.  That is since HC uses the difference to indicate modifier to break test on loser.

Unfortunately I can't figure how to post the pictures I have.  But I think they work pretty well and don't look overly out of place.  I've played with them off to the side but find it easier to see / keep in mind to have them just behind the unit. 

Once I buy some units I'm thinking about using some of the casualty counters from Litko; flock/base and decorate with some casualty figures and think about ways to use color or other codes to indicate most of these statuses.

PM Wg Cdr Luddite
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Markers for 6mm
Wg Cdr Luddite
17th Mar 2015 07:29:53

One of tricks of 6mm gaming is to scale everything down, including dice. Try using 5mm dice instead. Peter can probably sell you some.

PM I am a spambot
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Markers for 6mm
I am a spambot
20th Mar 2015 01:16:18

For my Peninsular War DBN armies I use casualty figures.  That said, gaining more than 2 attrition levels destroys the unit, so you only need to be able to accomodate 2 casulaties on a base.  Allowing room for caulaty figures was one of the reasons I went for 60mm by 30mm bases for Napoleonics.



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