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TOPIC: What are you working on?
Email Extra Crispy PM Extra Crispy
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What are you working on?
Extra Crispy
14th Jan 2015 02:50:00

I'm juts getting ready to break out the basing materials and get my SYW project wrapped up. What are you working on?

Mark "Extra Crispy" Severin

PM hwiccee
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What are you working on?
14th Jan 2015 11:07:55

I am also working on the SYW, or more accurately the War of Austrian Successsion. I plan to add 'minor nations' forces to my existing SYW troops to enable me to do this war. So first up are the Spanish, Neapolitan, Sardinian, Genose and Modena for the fighting in Italy. At the moment I am still planning/researching but I hope to start painting soon.Then I plan to get the Dutch, Danes and various Germans needed for the war in Flanders and Germany. 

PM Geever
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What are you working on?
14th Jan 2015 03:31:04

I just recieved my ACW armies and am beggining to clean them and get them primed and ready for paint.  

PM Roughage
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What are you working on?
14th Jan 2015 08:00:26

I have my Baccus SYW Austrians on the painting table. I'm experimenting with speed painting, but it seems slower than my usual black undercoat technique. I thought I could spray them white and dip them, but I am not finding it any quicker because of the need to go back and repaint the white bits anyway. Suggestions?

'A stitch in time saves precious bodily fluids'

PM Dannyh2
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What are you working on?
14th Jan 2015 09:04:09

ACW! After smashing the paint job on my 12 Union brigades, I'm about to have a go at a quick method for the more-varied Confeds.  Tried grey undercoat but flesh looks weird over that even at 6mm. Brown u/c made any subsequent grey hats look odd somehow.   So I think I am going to have to paint facea areas over grey undercoat with dark brown and then do faces over that.  Groan.  At least it's still quicker than 20mm.  Those figures seem to need a masonry brush to cover, now.


PM Harlequin
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What are you working on?
15th Jan 2015 12:11:14

Absolutely nothing, I'm afraid.

I'm a bit of a 6mm (my first and enduring love in figures scale stretching back to the days when it was "Heroics and Ros" or nothing) "groupie" here in this forum,  in that for nearly twenty years I have had no figures, paints, or anything else related to figure gaming, and haven't had a game since the early 1990s.

I've returned to the UK after almost two decades in China (went for six months and returned eighteen and a half years later - I did join the forum years ago while still in China under a different user name), so...I'm relying on you guys to get my "fix".

Maybe I'll get around to gaming again when / if finances make it feasible. Until then, keep the pictures coming, guys!

PM John Svensson
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What are you working on?
John Svensson
15th Jan 2015 11:42:09

Just finished my smallish Hun army, figures provided by Mr. Extra Crispy.  Next up will

be Early Crusaders.

PM hwiccee
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What are you working on?
15th Jan 2015 11:57:04

Harlequin: You should look for a club or group playing near you. Most clubs/groups are happy to have people along who haven't got figures or haven't painted them yet, etc. Certainly my club and the majority of other groups/clubs in my area (the Western part of the Midlands) would welcome you with open arms. Obviously you might not be near to us but I am sure it is the same in the rest of the country.


Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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What are you working on?
15th Jan 2015 12:00:22

I am currently putting a lot of effort into Bloody Big Battles in 6mm. Rounding off some old FPW figures I have had for over 20 years, but then will be tackling the Baccus Bavarians I bought recently. Will also need to buy some Prussian jagers to paint up as Prussian Landwehr, then it will be on to my purely Baccus Austrians. From that point it will be my Baccus Great War stuff, so I think that 2015 is pretty much taken care of.

PM Ken
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What are you working on?
16th Jan 2015 08:08:29

I just finished basing up a couple of stands of Early Romans, I've got more celts ready to go. Maybe one day I can move on to something other :p



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