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TOPIC: Hex tiles for terrain features
PM Friedrich_Wilhelm
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Hex tiles for terrain features
30th Aug 2016 09:46:30

I thought about building a modular hexagon tile system for terrain features (roads, rivers, mountains etc.) with wood and a laser cutter. The idea is not to use this for the complete map on the table (standard 6 x 4 feet), which would require too much material, but rather to model particular points of interests. This would allow to flexibly build different road / river / mountain combinations, while making the system stor- and transportable.

I am currently wondering about the appropriate tile size for 6mm wargaming (initially thought about 8cm) that would also fit well with the 60mmx30mm bases. 8cm would give enough space for 2 of these bases.

Does anyone have experience with modular hex tiles in this way?

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Hex tiles for terrain features
31st Aug 2016 01:14:21

Have a look at the Hexon 2 range from Kallistra, not cheap but works well and packs away nicely. Some picture on the joy of six posts for 'Break the line'





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PM keithabarker
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Hex tiles for terrain features
8th Sep 2016 04:00:52

I have just set up C&C Quatre Bras using Kallistra Hexes and Baccus 6mm figures. There are other battles on my blog too. Kallistra hexes are 10cm. GHQ have 4-inch hexes. Lots of pics here...



PM Rene
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Hex tiles for terrain features
14th Oct 2016 09:21:26

I use 5" hexes (approx 12.5 cm), which allows for 2 standard bases (3*6cm) abreast and deep or a column of 4 deep.

Also the standard C&C size fo 13*9 hexes fits still on a 4*6 foot table...

Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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Hex tiles for terrain features
15th Oct 2016 09:55:51

Have a look at the post on Dresden 1813 in the Gallery thread. The use of trees and bushes is quite attractive without a massive outlay on specific terrain systems. Another system I have heard of, and am thinking of using, is mapping pins, with the heads painted in various shades of green, brown, grey and buff so that they do not look too obvious on a wargames mat (admittedly I have sprayed my light green mat with darker green and a tan colour to break it up).



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