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TOPIC: 6mm Fantasy rules
PM TriOpticon
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6mm Fantasy rules
21st Jul 2016 05:59:21

While looking around some more, I have also found:

Armies of Arcana - http://www.armiesofarcana.com/overview.aspx

Hostile Realms - http://www.piquetwargames.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=6

Pride of Lions - http://www.splinteredlightminis.com/proflipdf.html

Hordes & Heroes Medieval Fantasy - https://kallistra.co.uk/?page=106 (hex based but could be made hexless I am sure)

No idea how massive these are or what scales would be adequate.

PM 6mmwargaming
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6mm Fantasy rules
4th Aug 2016 08:23:01

They dont have a weiiste anymore! but ppsted this recently on their yahoo group (chipcolist)for people wishing to buy their rules.

Concepts from FR!3 can be transferred into FR!TCE

So, currently, we are packing our games as follows:

Package one ($15). includes FR!3, FR!TCE, and Chipco Chess.

Package two ($15) includes AOG, CT, and LPE

DOK2 (includes DOK3 when I finish it, currently scheduled for writing over Thanksgiving when my wife is out of town, and playtesting in Dec at our local club (Northern California).

chipco2@aol.com is the PayPal address to send funds.

Curtis, Chipco

PM kodiakblair
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6mm Fantasy rules
4th Aug 2016 07:28:08

I like RRTK a lot,its solo friendly,6mm friendly and the folks on the 2HW forum are a nice bunch .

Just last weekend I got Lords and Lands direct from the author Craig via the L&L Facebook page. £8 for both historical and fantasy or £6 each, PDFs of course. Can't say much as I've yet to read them.

PM Fenton
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6mm Fantasy rules
8th Aug 2016 09:01:43

If anyone interested I have a copy of Mayhem I don't want and could let it go cheaply or for a swap or something

PM TriOpticon
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6mm Fantasy rules
9th Aug 2016 02:19:53

Thanks for the info on Fantasy Rules! 3, 6mmwargaming.  I went ahead and bought them.

kodiakblair, I assume you mean this L&L page: ​https://www.facebook.com/groups/717411848386941/



PM TriOpticon
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6mm Fantasy rules
12th Aug 2016 04:16:34

Mayhem is on sale for $3 at WargameVault for the day


PM Estarriol
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6mm Fantasy rules
14th Aug 2016 09:28:11

If you want Big Battles, 'To the Strongest' might be an idea, he is doing a fantasy version as he is a lifelong fantasy gamer as well.

PM Le Comte de Froufrou
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6mm Fantasy rules
Le Comte de Froufrou
26th Aug 2016 10:00:05

Hordes of the Things are very adaptable - one of the best variants of the DBx system. They suit 6mm very well.



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