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TOPIC: Missing Naps and 19th century colonials
PM matt
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Missing Naps and 19th century colonials
30th Apr 2015 01:15:37

French infantry in colpacks or Nassau Grenadiers (same thing in 6mm) for Naps. Swedes in 6mm for 1813?

I could also be tempted by Indian mutiny/ Sikh wars British and Indian troops. Colonials for 1840-60..


PM Irondog
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Missing Naps and 19th century colonials
1st May 2015 10:18:14

Indian Mutiny/ Sikh wars and Colonials would be good, and Crimean War too!

PM Nick the Lemming
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Missing Naps and 19th century colonials
Nick the Lemming
20th Jul 2016 07:00:46

For Colonials:

Heliograph set (maybe as part of a camp set / engineers?)

Egyptian Cavalry (and dismounted)

Egyptian Camelry (and dismounted)

Sudanese Lancers

Bashi Bazoukhs

Egyptian Krupp Guns

Hadendowah Riflemen



PM keithabarker
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Missing Naps and 19th century colonials
21st Jul 2016 12:31:18

For "Naps. Swedes in 6mm for 1813" you can probably get away with using proxies like...

  • Russian Line Infantry (most started using the Russian kiwer, a few used the French shako and almost none retained the older style traditional Swedish round hat despite it still being regulation)
  • Spanish Hussars (in mirleton)
  • French Line Artillery (in shako)

Luckily you don't want to do the war against Russia in 1808/9, because then you would need all the infantry and artillery in round hats!

PM Spiers101
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Missing Naps and 19th century colonials
4th Apr 2017 02:27:03

Resurecting a thread here but would agree with all of the suggestions above re colonials from Nick and Matt plus the addition of Naval landing brigade, i have some acw skirmishers i am going to try and convert, as whilst H&R do this i fear the scale difference will make them look worse than my attempts at conversion. 




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