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TOPIC: Help! How do I fix Horses!
PM Jozi's Tin Man
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Help! How do I fix Horses!
Jozi's Tin Man
1st Feb 2015 04:01:31

Ok, while I am working on finishing my 10 year WSS project, the cats knocked soem fo my already painted bases off of the table and onto the floor...

I have a base of cavlry with one figure where the horses legs are almost broken off.  Any suggestions on how to repair this? (besides paint a new one, my final backup plan.)

I am trying to slowly build up around the legs with PVA glue to add strength, how have you guys fixed this problem?


Email Stormrider PM Stormrider
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Help! How do I fix Horses!
1st Feb 2015 04:37:18

superglue. I use a thick gel superglue and could probably sculpt with it if required lol

Trickier with cavalry with on infantry just hide them in the middle of the unit :)

Stormrider Studios

PM njt236
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Help! How do I fix Horses!
1st Feb 2015 07:26:59

Same as Stormriders' reply. If it's the front legs put the figure in the rear rank and if it's the back legs put it in the front. Or. put an extra bit of static grass or a "rock" to hide the leg.


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PM Dr Mike
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Help! How do I fix Horses!
Dr Mike
2nd Feb 2015 02:30:09

I would probably pin it.

Email dourpuritan PM dourpuritan
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Help! How do I fix Horses!
2nd Feb 2015 09:48:54

I have found a useful trick is to glue either a boulder or bush to the base next to the broken figure and glue the figure to it for extra support. Using superglue this has always worked for me and adds a bit of scenic interest to the base at the same time.

PM Jozi's Tin Man
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Help! How do I fix Horses!
Jozi's Tin Man
2nd Feb 2015 01:03:19

Thank you so much, all!  It is a rider on the end, and I have based them per Polemos suggested basing, so putting hom in the back rank is not an option.

The PVA seems to be working, but I will grab a tube of superglue at lunch today and reinforce it.  If that does not work, I really like the idea of a bush next to the horse, that is brillian, dourpuritan.


Email Extra Crispy PM Extra Crispy
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Help! How do I fix Horses!
Extra Crispy
2nd Feb 2015 08:04:06

Trim the horse off the base. Glue a short piece of black tube to the base, then glue the horse back on the top of the tube. You can then build up the legs if you feel the need (just do the two on the outside edge).

Mark "Extra Crispy" Severin

PM Counterpane
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Help! How do I fix Horses!
3rd Apr 2015 09:38:56

The figure I use for Peter the Great is on a rearing horse which got broen off at the ankles.  I reattached it with superglue and then added a blob of Green Stuff which I sculpted to look like long grass in front of the back legs.

Richard C




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