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TOPIC: What's wrong with the Forum?
PM ithoriel
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What's wrong with the Forum?
21st Sep 2015 09:08:20

The only problem I have with the site is that I log in so infrequently (because there's not much to respond to) that I have to do a "forgot my password" pretty much every time because it's so long since I used it I've forgotten what I changed it to last time!

This and the Pendraken forum are the wargaming forums I visit most often. I prefer the regular tumble weed here to the firestorms over nothing on some of the others I dip into.

Would be nice if the forum were more active but other than that I'm pretty happy with it.

Feel free to say some people are easy pleased :-)

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is entirely optional!

PM Spangenhelm
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What's wrong with the Forum?
21st Sep 2015 09:54:26

I will join you in the easily pleased camp, ithoriel.

PM peter
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What's wrong with the Forum?
25th Sep 2015 07:47:14

Thanks for all your input chaps.  Lots of very good comments and ideas. I'd agree wholeheartedly that the continuous need to login is a real pain and needs addressing.  This will be the first priority when attention switches back the site.

The fact is that I've asked Stewart to concentrate on working on the Polemos app for the moment.  Once he gets that sorted and it doesn't seem too far off now, then the focus will shift once again to the site.

What you have now is still WIP and does not reflect the ambitions that we have.I want to add a lot of the content from the old site and greatly expand the painting and modelling section.   As any of you familiar with the way we work will know, we take the time, but we do work to completion and that work is generally worth the wait.

I also think that site traffic in general across the hobby slows down over July and August.  There are other things to do in the good weather, holidays take precedence and we are all distracted by the stirring news that Yorkshire CC have won back to back county championships and set a record points total in the process.

As the new releases emerge  and Autumn show season gets into full swing I fully expect the traffic to pick up.



- The Overlord
PM Cerdic
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What's wrong with the Forum?
3rd Oct 2015 04:48:45

Interesting discussion. 

I would agree with the log-in thing. There are times when I would have added a comment on the old forum but haven't on this one because I am not logged in.

Also, it's summer isn't it. All my wargaming activities have slowed down recently. Will be getting back into it now that Autumn is here!




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