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TOPIC: Lord of the Rings in 6mm
PM Dan de Lyon
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Lord of the Rings in 6mm
Dan de Lyon
15th Mar 2017 11:55:06

Hi there, as well as my interest in historical wargaming, I was thinking about trying to put some fantasy armies together for doing large scale Lord of the Rings battles, as in my head this seems awesome. Now, I realise quite usefully that a lot of the armies are based relatively closely on historical armies, so I can very convincingly use various historical packs for x/y/z army. So far I'm thinking:


  • Gondor- I think the Normans range would probably be best for this.
  • Rohan- Not sure yet- still trying to find a cavalry model that looks Rohan-ish enough, ideally with cloaks. Otherwise, probably the goths or late romans.
  • Dol Amroth- Later crusader knights

Then there are the other more exotic races such as the various elves and dwarves which I'm not entirely sure about, although there are existing baccus packs for some things in the fantasy section. Then the Army of the Dead are fairly easy- anything, just painted white and washed green.


  • Mordor- Now, the orcs are a little more tricky, but I figure the best thing I can do is use some of the more rag-tag looking humans, but possibly the Frankish spearmen or levy with pikes/bills from the later medieval stuff; and paint the skin in interesting colours. Possibly a few interesting conversions too, to represent the different types of orcs etc. 
  • Harad- Easy- various Middle-Eastern packs, mahidists, saracens, etc.
  • Isengard- Thinking levy with pikes and late medieval billmen once again, still not quite sure on this one. Maybe some conversions along the way too.
  • Easterlings- Not sure, possibly some of the middle eastern cataphract cavalry.

Then we have various other factions such as the goblins, Angmar and various monsters, that I'm not concerning myself with immediately. 

Luckily this being 6mm, I can get away with things not looking quite right, or painting something to look more like something else. Anyway, I'd love to hear people's thoughts on proxies to use as the forces of Middle Earth, and it should certainly be an interesting project. 

PM njt236
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Lord of the Rings in 6mm
16th Mar 2017 02:44:11

Tolkien was Professor of Anglo-Saxon and he based the peoples of Rohan on the Vikings so I'm using Viking infantry for the warriors of Rohan.

For the Easterlings I'm thinking of using the Samurai I have.

The list you've produced, pretty much what I am going for. I'll try and use Frankish spearmen also for one faction. Warriors of Arnor perhaps. For the Haradrim I'll use predominantly Sudanese archers and spearmen.

For Mordor and Isengard I would go for WOTR billmen pikes, crossbowmen. However I have Orcs, etc from Microworld Games in the US (sorry Peter) They have 10mm Ogres which fit perfectly as Mordor and Mountain Trolls. They also do Tree men (Ents). Rangers etc

For Elf cavalry I'll be using my Polish Winged Hussars. Armour painted gold with Elvish blue feathers will look amazing.

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PM chopperboydan
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Lord of the Rings in 6mm
16th Mar 2017 10:26:40

Hi I was toying with the whole 6mm LOTR but opted to go MASSIVE and do it in 10mm in the end, for loads of pics see my facebook page Daniel Hodgson. I used far eastern stuff,  Samurai for the variags and easterlings, Rohan would suit norman figs also, Gondor try WOTR's , Dol Amroth - crusading knights

Your right the vast majority of the troops can be found in historical lists and it's only the orcs that are tricky. I've been on to Peter to do some and update the fantasy stuff for a while so in the end had to go for 10mm stuff. If ever Peter does re vamp the fantasy line with some tolkienesque orcs and uruks then I will have to do it all again in the true scale :)


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Lord of the Rings in 6mm
16th Mar 2017 11:15:56

For those items where you can't find a proxy in the Baccus list - dragons, ents and such - take a look at Irregular Miniatures 6mm Fantasy range:



PM Fenton
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Lord of the Rings in 6mm
17th Mar 2017 09:13:20

How big are the goblins in the Baccus fantasy section?. They might do

PM Baggers
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Lord of the Rings in 6mm
17th Mar 2017 11:28:10

Looks great, what rules would you use?

PM Dan de Lyon
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Lord of the Rings in 6mm
Dan de Lyon
17th Mar 2017 09:51:06

For rules I was thinking of either adapting Kings of War rules, or possibly adapting the old War of the Ring ruleset by GW. I was working on a ruleset for 1:1 scale ancient battles (obviously more skirmish scale rather than doing the entirety of Zama man-for-man although it sounds fun/expensive), so I might use this with fantasy unit types.  



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