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PM Leftblank
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Napoleon's Mamelukes - use Mahdist cavalry?
7th Jun 2016 09:41:51

Baccus has no Napoleonic mamelukes (yet?)

The pictures of the Mahdist cavalry are rather small, but could I easily convert them to an unit like this, with turbans and scimitars?

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PM peter
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Napoleons Mamelukes
7th Jun 2016 11:15:20

Mamelukes?  Well, the problem is that in the 'Real World' TM there was only a squadron of the blighters.   Given the costs involved in producing them, I'd still have to sell in pack quantities and I would lay awake at night contemplating the outraged emails from people just wanting to buy a single strip and being forced to buy a whole pack!

To be honest it's the same with all Guard or special units, but given their historically insignificant numbers it's worse for Mamelukes.

However, those of you wise enough to purchase the 'My Little Ogre' set will find the odd mounted Mameluke in that particular pack, so it's not true to say that we don't do them...



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Napoleons Mamelukes
7th Jun 2016 04:24:15

You might get away with those Sudanese with a clever paint job.



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