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Seven Years War
Daniel Weitz
18th Dec 2016 05:06:02

I am looking for a nice quick set of rules for the Seven Years War.

Danny Weitz


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Seven Years War
18th Dec 2016 09:38:17

Off hand I can think of Osprey's Honours of War, which have some very elegant mechanics and give a good game, with no casualty removal. They are well supported with their own website from which QRS sheets for different sized unit frontage can be downloaded; Sam Mustafa's Maurice, which is a card driven set that can lead to lots of fog of war and includes a campaign system; Piquet's Field of Battle 2, another card driven set covering 1700 - 1900 and does not require casualty removal; Warlord Games' Black Powder, which has an C18th supplement, The Last Argument of Kings and again does not require casualty removal; Warfare in the Age of Reason 3 - these are highly acclaimed but would need a method of recording losses for Polemos based troops. They do however have a very good SYW campaign included.

PM Whirlwind
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Seven Years War
18th Dec 2016 01:21:47

If you want really simple and quick, try Neil Thomas' "Simplicity in Practice" rules published in Battlegames 23



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