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TOPIC: Ottoman Turks 18C
PM Ray29
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Ottoman Turks 18C
22nd Jun 2015 08:13:32

Just wondering about the current Ottoman 18c range; is there any interest in adding cavalry and commanders to the range.

I'd certainly commit to a full OT army...

PM MykeCole
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Ottoman Turks 18C
17th Aug 2016 01:01:26

Second this. I will commit to a full OT army as well.

PM Estarriol
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Ottoman Turks 18C
17th Aug 2016 02:51:55

Yes please. Great enemy for Russians and Austrians when you are tired of Prussian bashing.

PM MarkW
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Ottoman Turks 18C
18th Oct 2017 01:38:59


I used to frequent the old forum.  Been out of the loop a few years... life, child rearing etc.  I would support this request. I already have a 7YW Russian army to face off against them!

Cavalry and commanders.  The Polish proxies are very different in heft and are older sculpts.  The newer Turkish foot have a lovely chunky look to them - this range deserves to be complete.  I'd be keen to commit to this.



PM Nick the Lemming
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Ottoman Turks 18C
Nick the Lemming
18th Oct 2017 02:35:04

If they were also usable for 19th C Ottomans, I'd be in for them too.

PM Fireymonkeyboy
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Ottoman Turks 18C
6th Dec 2017 08:23:16


I'd committ to this also.


PM peter
Posts: 383
Ottoman Turks 18C
11th Dec 2017 11:31:25

No need to waste too much anxiety on this one.   I will be adding Ottoman cavalry etc as a matter of course, with any luck for next year.    I am well aware that this is a key range lacking in cavalry.  A Turkish army without cavalry is like a pub without beer....

- The Overlord
PM ironass
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Ottoman Turks 18C
11th Dec 2017 12:31:13


PM Harlequin
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Ottoman Turks 18C
11th Dec 2017 06:25:29

Back in the late eighties I actually went into a pub that had no beer!

Ale? No. On tap or bottled.

Lager? No. Ditto.

Cider on tap? No.

Ended up with bottled cider, then moved on. There was a wedding reception on in an upstairs room and they'd virtually drunk the pub dry!

Nice news about the Ottomans, though. :)




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