The Joy of Six is getting closer

1st Jul 2015

It's the first of July which means that the clock is now officially ticking down for THE wargaming event of the year.

We're fine-tuning the arrangements for the show and will have travel instructions and a floor plan posted on the Joy of Six site.  You can also find more details on the Joy of Six facebook page.

It is going to be a busy, busy, period for us in the coming days, so if you want to order anything from us for collection at the show, then please do so as soon as possible.  You can do this using our cart, or by email or phone.

One of the scheduled seminars will be 'Ask Peter and the Igor'.  This is always a popular and fun (for the attendees) session as you get the chance to grill Team Baccus about any subjec that takes your fancy.   Nothing is pre-prepared and we have no idea as to what to expect.   If you fancy having  a go at putting us on the back foot, then come along and join in the metaphorical (I hope) pie-flinging.

We'll be adding something new this year.  We've notice at lots of shows that as well as the usual hordes of glassy-eyed middle-aged men wandering around peering at games and such, there is a small but significant number of bored  wives, girlfriends, partners and smaller children who, for some reason. cannot muster much in the way of enthusiasm for painted toy soldiers.  Strange, I grant you, but true.   This year, we are trying to provide something for all attendees, so we'll be having a family room, run by Child's Play which will offer a range of things to do for all ages.