Post-Salute thanks

26th Apr 2015

Just a quick few words to thank all concerned for Salute.   The Warlords put in their usual impressive stint to get the whole thing running with impressive efficiency.  No easy task and one well executed on the day.   Thanks also to 'Team Baccus';   The Igor for an intense period before the show casting orders for collection and getting the new releases done in time and Rob and Stewart for manning the barricades on the day.  I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of Per and Nick in running the Fraustadt game - I think the level of interest that they had left them a little stunned,

I must also register a large degree of gratitude to all of you who came round the the stand and parted with your hard-earned cash.  Without you lot, none of this would happen at all!

My voice had just about packed up mid afternoon and has yet to recover.  Those closest to me have suggested that this is actually an improvement and I have yet to get any wishes for a speedy recovery...