The shape of some things to come

26th Sep 2016

I know it's been quiet over the last couple of months but that does not mean we've been entirely idle.  Here's a quick preview of some things that you can expect to see soon.   First off the blocks are some Rangers and British light infantry to take on the recently released Compagnies Franche de la marine and Canadian militia in the wilds of North America:

And moving quickly through the years, here are some German Fallschirmjager to complement the British Paras we released recently.

And it does not end there.  Here is the first look at some of the resculpted ECW range, in this case, armoured and unarmoured pikemen.

Sadly, we won't have any of these available for the show at Castle Donington this coming weekend, but we'll have lots of other goodies on hand and I'l be there so you can try and pin me down on release dates.

See you there!