New WSS Flags

29th Nov 2017

When I announced the completion of the Thirty Years War flagsheets range, I mentioned that some of our older ranges were beginning to show their age.   Now that the WSS figures have been overhauled, I thought that it was time for them to march under some new colours.

As I mentioned, the WSS Bavarian sheet was the first one that I ever produced, so it is only fitting that it amongst the first to be replaced.    The new version

has been produced using vector graphics which has really sharpened things up and made the new flags crisper and clearer.

I've also got to work on the equally elderly Hanover/Hesse sheet.   Each force now gets its own distinct sheet, with the Hanoverians

and Hessians

finally getting a better representation in the collection.

You can find out more details if you click here.

I'll be adding more of these in the coming months as I overhaul older sheets and add new ones.

I'll have the new flags with me at Fiasco in Pudsey this coming weekend.  It's the last show of the year for Baccus, so if you're there pop around and have a chat.