Manchester come to somewhere unspecified in Leicester

11th Oct 2017

Which is my roundabout way of letting you know about our recent weekend at the World Championships, ex of Derby (twice), ex of Castle Donnington and now at Bruntingthorpe, deep, deep in the darkest heart of rural Leicestershire.

The ever reliable Derek Pitman accompanied me in this expedition with his wonderful Siege of Manchester ECW game

The new venue for the show was 'interesting'.   Lots of people have alread expressed their views on how well the event went at its new home.    For myself, I'm prepared to put a lof of the issues down to teething troubles and lack of experience.     I'll probably be back next year provided I know that lessons have been learned and improvements made.

In a show which made little provision for display and demo games, Derek's masterpiece was placed next to the Baccus stand and attracted constant interest on both days.    In an event dominated by the usual 'same again' sort of  games, the Siege of Manchester stood out despite its diminutive size.

Derek will be writing an article about the game, covering the history behind it, building the model and the rules.  In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures and you can catch it at Recon in December.