WEC Generals and artillery

15th Nov 2017

Autumn is the season of wargames shows, and right now they are coming thick and fast which is putting a brake on making moulds and getting new stuff out for your delectation and delight.  However, we've managed to get a couple of key releases out for our WEC range.   Firstly, there are some rather natty looking Generals and Grandees...

Giving them a headache with logistics and supply comes the first of the artillery train in the form the new Saker and crew

This range is beginning to round out nicely and I hope to be able to add more artillery and some Horse variants in the next few weeks.   

The new codes also allow us to reintroduce our Army packs and boxed set for the period (great value if you are just starting!).    You can find all the details if you click here.

We'll have these all at Warfare in Reading this coming weekend, so call by to have a look and a chat.